No sooner do we get used to Web 2.0 than people are talking about Web 3.0. – the semantic web.

But will it be really be as revolutionary as some think? After all, it may still rely on pretty ancient basics, like text.  Even video and audio are pretty 20th century.  But what if you could ‘feel’ via the web, exchange sentiments, emotions across cyberspace?  Sounds mad?  Well it may be not that far away.  This is where communication and cybernetics meet.

We managed to have a chat with Professor Kevin Warwick, the world’s first cyborg, who claims that despite ideas of the ‘Terminator’ his main driver is to enhance communication way beyond the limited scope of speech or text.  He has already managed brain-to-brain signal transfer at a local level but within the next decade or two this could be much improved and, via the internet, the possibilities are staggering.

Watch the video and let your imagination run wild.